dear fellow photographers, welcome!

We want to see breathtaking and emotional wedding-stories. Let us be part of the amazing wedding-day you witnessed by showing us a set of 12 images that blows our minds.

It is all about the story, the emotion, the connection. You can put together your set any way you want. Be unique, be creative. It is not about the technical perfection, it´s about the ability of your set to let the spectator be there, to let him/her feel.

Once the submission is closed, all sets of images are curated and 12 sets are going to be awarded. All awarded sets are going to be displayed on the website and be promoted on social media. The winner gets 500,-€.

12% of the collected money will be donated to a social project.


- each person is allowed to send in two sets (I am afraid you need to log in twice to do that). Each set contains a story of 12 images

- you need to have the rights of the photos and the consent of all the people shown. You took the image by your own. You also guarantee that no rights of third parties are violated (e.g. location, vendors)

- the set of images needs to be from a single wedding

- the images must come from a real wedding (no set-up shots, no pre- or after wedding shots)

- each set of images must come from a single photographer. If you work as a team each of you can send in 12 images of the same wedding. You cannot mix the photos of two photographers in one set.

- the wedding can be of any year

- you are allowed to clone out small things

- any set of images will be disqualified if one or more of the images:

      - contains added content

      - have borders, logos or letters

      - shows illegal or pornographic content

      - it is up to the curators to disqualify a set which shows violence, weapons, nudity, or children in potentially disrespectful situations.

images requirements:

- 12 JPEG images named with the photographer´s name and consecutively numbers "NameSurname-01.jpeg"

- 1200 pixels on the long side.

- Images can be 3:2, 2:3 or square, nothing else.

In the beginning, we (Cati and Heiko) will curate the set by ourselves. Depending on how things go, we might change that in the future. The choice which set gets awarded is subjective. 

The images will be judged anonymously (we will not see who sent in the set).

By sending in the images you agree that we are allowed to use your images on this website and on social media for advertising purposes for this award.

So, we would love to see your images! (0:

if you have any questions, you are very welcome to conatct us: